WDS is a family run, women owned boutique that specializes in handmade-hand drawn designs.

We don’t buy any of our designs!  No SVG’s here.  Brea starts each design either in her sketchbook or on her iPad (occasionally even a random napkin  has been used) and then we fine tune each one until we think it is just right. 

This shop is a dream come true for us.  We can’t believe that we get to spend our days together; creating and bringing joy to our customers. 

In 2020 as the world was reeling with COVID our family was reeling with a tough health diagnosis. I (Melissa) was diagnosed with Lupus.  Shortly after my diagnosis, I fell and sustained some serious injuries and needed a lot of care.  Brea was approaching her senior year in high school and was assigned a project to create a business and a business plan  for starting that business.  By September of her senior year, she had completed her project and presented a plan for Winks Design Studio.  On October 8, 2021 WDS officially hung its shingle.  in November, Brea and I signed partnership paperwork to make it official. 

Brea continued to finish her senior year responsibilities, completed dual enrollment to get her graphic design certification from CALARTS; all while acting as a full time caregiver for mom and running WDS.

We have learned so much about ourselves, each other, and what is important in life.  It is because of this, that we strive for excellence in our products and our customer service.  We are proud that our shirts are produced in an eco-friendly, sweatshop free environment in the USA!  We package and ship each of our orders in our NC based workshop.

When you buy from Winks Design Studio, you are supporting a family.

Our family!

and we greatly appreciate your support. 

All Our Love,

Brea, Melissa, & Penny

Hello! I’m Brea

'm a mixed media artist. It has taken me a long time to be comfortable wearing the title of artist. But now I wear it with pride. I love my Cricut but sometimes I cheat on it with watercolor, acrylics, jewelry making, digital art, and sublimating.

Owning a business has been a lifelong dream of mine. Add to that dream that I get to do it with my mom everyday and it is more than I could have hoped for.

Hi! I’m melissa

I am a mother of 3 humans and one fur baby. I have tested the patience of the same man for the last 24 years. My family is my back bone.

In my lifetime I have worked as a teacher (We homeschooled all of children through graduation), an event planner, owned a Scrapbook business, wrote a book, ran a blog,
and served as the office manger for a number of business's. Each of those roles helped to prepare me for the adventure that is Winks Design Studio. This shop is a dream come true for us

It’s Me Penny!

HI, my name is Penny. My favorite place in the world to be is in the work shop hanging with Mom and Brea.
I never let them work without me! I watch over every item that they create. The other two think that they are in charge, but between you and me, I am the one in charge.

In the workshop, I help with quality controls, modeling, quality control, modeling, and provide social media content for them to share on the gram.

Running a business is hard work, so I also provide emotional support to the team. I have kisses and snuggles ready whenever they need them. All I ask for in return is a few pretzels a day, they must share any chicken or apples that come into the workshop, and a cozy spot for my naps. It’s the best job ever!!!

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